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Why is speaking several languages enriching?

Dernière mise à jour : 7 févr. 2019

The future lies in multilingualism. As we live in a global village affected by globalization, knowing how to speak to people speaking a foreign language is a real asset nowadays. Especially with international mobility.

There are real arguments for learning foreign languages.

Fluency in French, English or even Spanish is increasingly essential these days, especially if you want to travel or live abroad in a cosmopolitan city for a job.

Whether it is to know how to express yourself correctly in everyday life or to know the codes of another culture in depth, being multilingual has many advantages and benefits. And it's even better when you start as a child.

Some people have a brain with a great memory and the chance to be able to speak 5, 6 or even more languages. However, mastering at least one or even two vehicular languages is of real interest and can be an enriching experience for the speaker.

One of the challenges of the 19th century is to make people understand the usefulness of polyglottism. This is also our mission at the Polyglotterz school, thanks to intensive language courses in real situations.

Let's end on something relaxing with this funny Youtube video on foreign language learning:

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