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Why has English become the international language?

Dernière mise à jour : 7 nov. 2020

English has gradually established itself as the most widely spoken language in the world and there is no shortage of English speakers!

It dominates the business world, but also the diplomatic and scientific world and has become a universal and vehicular language.

Today, it is a real thing to be understood almost everywhere on the planet.

Globalisation - on the American model but also British - is mainly responsible for this phenomenon. The films, series and music produced in the Anglo-Saxon world have been widely distributed and constitute a reference culture at a global level.

The internet network has also amplified the influence of English and legitimized the concept of a global village.

Besides, it should be remembered that England had a huge colonial empire in the past and remains a major country today, with its City of London county. The United States also remains a very rich economy today and continues to attract large amounts of foreign capitals and businessmen and women from various countries.

All these factors have made English the ultimate international language and a highly valued skill. Hence the interest of learning it, especially when travelling or living abroad. Our interlocutors are likely to speak it or at least know the basics, especially in cosmopolitan cities.

Our Polyglotterz school offers intensive immersion courses in real-life situations, in order to improve your English quickly and improve your knowledge of Shakespeare's language.

Whatever your mother tongue is, come and join us in a good atmosphere to progress!

As a bonus, here is a YouTube video with the most common words and expressions in English :

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